FACTORY is a chain of outlet malls managed by NEINVER, a Spanish capital group. Outlet centers are an alternative sales channel which renowned producers use to distribute production surplus, previous seasons’ stock and samples. It enables a longer distribution cycle, as well as effective control over stock and a brand’s image.

The key to FACTORY’s success is a constant price reduction of 30% - 70%. Twice a year, at the time of clearance (mid-January to late February and mid-June to late July), prices plummet by up to 80%.


Project details

FACTORY Warsaw Annopol is Poland’s first retail project to have been awarded with BREEAM certificate for the adoption of environment-friendly solutions as early as at the design stage. It is also about to become the first outlet center in east Warsaw. The residents of this part of the capital and nearby suburban towns will gain an easy access to a highly appealing retail offer. The complex featuring a GLA of 19,700 m² will be the second largest outlet center developed by NEINVER in Poland.

Facts and figures

The first outlet mall in east Warsaw. The largest outlet mall in Mazowsze region. Lease space of 19,700 m². 122 stores and service points. 800 parking spaces.

The first outlet mall in east Warsaw
The largest outlet mall in Mazowsze region
Lease space of 19,700 m²
122 stores and service points
800 parking spaces

Location and access

Apart from being the biggest Polish city, Warsaw is also one of the largest metropolitan and industrial areas. This is a city of young and ambition-driven people, as well as a significant business center in Central-Eastern Europe. It features the greatest cultural and educational opportunities in Poland. The capital is dynamic, teeming with life and develops continuously, which is particularly evident in its eastern part. Districts such as Praga or Praga Północ begin to be deemed as important cultural centers. East Warsaw is getting increasingly popular, which is proven by countless new residential areas springing up here all the time. One of the districts with a large number of emerging developments is Białołęka, where the new FACTORY outlet center will be located.

FACTORY Warsaw Annopol is about to be developed in Białołęka, between Annopol, Białołęcka and Toruńska Streets, close to one of the most frequently attended transportation arteries on this bank of the Vistula river. It shall take 15 minutes to get there from the center of Warsaw. The building will have a parking lot with 800 spaces. Efficient connection with other districts of Warsaw will be also provided by public transportation – 4 tram lines and 6 bus links. The thoroughfare, which constitutes part of National Road 8, connects the capital with Marki, Jabłonna, Radzymin, Ząbki and Wołomin, among others.

FACTORY Warszawa Annopol
Google maps ul. Annopol 2
03-236 Warszawa

Open hours:
MON – SAT 10:00-21:00
SUNDAY 10:00-20:00

Catchment area

FACTORY Warsaw Annopol boasts a catchment area of 3,500,000 residents of Warsaw and its surroundings. Located in Białołęka, the center will find itself in close proximity to other districts, for instance Targówek or Praga Północ.

Immediate surroundings Neighboring areas Warsaw outskirts

Stores and services in Factory

FACTORY Warsaw Annopol has already confirmed cooperation with:

4F BigStar brand collection
Campus Clarks coffee heaven
ecco FaceTeens Gatta
House inmedio Kazar
Lee Lee Cooper LEVI'S
Puma Reebok RESERVED
WITTCHEN Wrangler Adidas Outlet Store
Lindt Mustang Jeans SMYK
Rossmann Sphinx gino rossi

An expert’s glimpse

NEINVER is the outlet malls market leader in Poland. The projects it runs result from long years of experience and enjoy the recognition of both Polish and international brands. Selling in FACTORY outlet centers has become a commonly used form of trade, which serves the purpose of distributing and promoting products on the retail market. FACTORY outlet malls developed by NEINVER are located in Poland’s biggest conurbations, owing to which they can be accessed by an increasingly large group of loyal customers.

Anna Hofman   Cushman & Wakefield


Shopping at FACTORY means shopping in style. FACTORY centers are primarily fashion-oriented, which is highlighted by universal architecture and meticulous designs. The FACTORY Annopol building will be modern and minimalist in nature, resembling traditional shopping galleries. The interior design combines functionality and aesthetics, ensuring arrangement flexibility and an optimal display of goods. Spacious and light walkways will run along large glass shop-windows. The center will also provide relaxation spots.


BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a European building certification method devised by London-based BRE Global, which examines a project’s ecological qualities. During the certification process, FACTORY Annopol was assessed in eight categories: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, spatial development, and ecology/pollution. The evaluation indicated FACTORY Annopol’s compliance with BREEAM requirements in all areas considered.

Neinver – Factory strength

NEINVER is one of the key players on the European real estate market. Its main activities include investing, developing and managing property. NEINVER boasts experience in the real estate market’s crucial areas. The company runs its operations in Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Portugal.

NEINVER is currently the second biggest outlet malls operator in Europe. It manages over 450,000 m2 of GLA with more than 1,500 stores and service points. In 2009, NEINVER consolidated its outlet centers in Portugal, Germany and Italy, introducing a new brand called “The Style Outlets”.

In Poland, NEINVER has been operating actively since 2000. So far, the company has developed 158,500 sqm of commercial space, while the portfolio of newly-emerging buildings in Poland covers approximately 250.000 sqm of retail, office and public space. In 2002, NEINVER opened the country’s first outlet mall, FACTORY Warsaw Ursus. 2009 saw the opening of Galeria Malta – the largest shopping/entertainment center in west Poland, which got the “Construction of the Year” award. In 2008, NEINVER completed a unique concept of FUTURA Park, a mix of an outlet mall and a traditional commercial park in Wrocław. By opening FUTURA Park Kraków in 2011, NEINVER took another exceptional step by combining two different sales channel under one roof.

Since 2009, NEINVER has been working on its largest project yet – revitalization of the center of Katowice. The investment involves modernizing the station’s building and the transportation system around it, building a retail/office complex and an underground bus station.



FACTORY Warszawa Annopol
ul. Annopol 2
03-236 Warszawa



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